Air Compressor NUAIR 5155-24


Air Compressor NUAIR 5155-24.
Engine power: 3 HP (2.2 KW), speed 2840 rpm.
Air flow: 330 lit/min. (11.7 CFM).
Operating pressure: 10 bar. (145 PSI).
Compressor head speed: 1570 rpm.
Air container volume: 200 liters.
Pressure in the bottle: up to 11 bar.
Noise during operation: 96 dB(A).
Brand: NUAIR, model B2800B/ 200 CM3.
Year of manufacture: 2023.
Weight: 89 Kg.
New, imported from Italy.

Air Compressor NUAIR 5155-24 is located in Mačvanska Mitrovica, at Žarka Vučinića Street no. 32B (part of city of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The machine is in good condition and can be tested in operation. Transportation is carried out at the expense of the client, and after purchase in our company, the piston air compressor will be loaded free of charge on the client’s vehicle. “Apocalypse” Ltd has over 2,500 used, refurbished machines in stock. Machines are mostly Italian made, iron cast. We offer complete lines for the production of wooden boxes of the Corali brand. Comprehensive production line for: furniture, pellets, pallets, wooden doors and windows, as well as parquet.

Air Compressor NUAIR 5155-24


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