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Other categories – look at all the uncategorized machines that we offer. Here you can find a wide selection of industrial machines for processing aluminum, plastic, wood, metal, as well as auxiliary equipment in production. Conveyor belts, box printer, window processing center, kneading machine, PVC making machines, forklift, compressor and many more. Apocalypse Ltd is a firm that continues to grow. We can offer you over 2500 different machines for your business, hobby or other. Several “new” machines enter the market every day. If necessary, we can also purchase a household appliance especially for you if it is not currently in stock. It’s up to you to come and negotiate with the owner of the company, and the rest depends on us …

Miscellaneous Conveyor 5

Conveyor 5

Conveyor 5. Transport line with rollers. Roller width: 770 mm. Conveyor length: 3700 mm. Working…

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