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Fork Lifts Forklift Hyster

Forklift Hyster

Forklift Hyster.  Pallet truck with diesel engine. Load capacity: 7000 kg. Fork lift height: 6900…

Fork Lifts Forklift BP

Forklift BP

Forklift BP. Brand: BP. Diesel drive. Capacity: 10.0 tons (nominal). Lifting height: up to 6…

Fork Lifts Forklift OM

Forklift OM

Forklift OM. Brand: OM (Fiat), model DM 15SV.Fuel: diesel.Load capacity: 1500 kg.Fork lift height: 4000 mm…

Fork Lifts Forklift forks

Forklift forks

Forklift forks.Load capacity of the fork: from 1.5 t.Length: 1160 mm.Forks used for brand LINDE.Used,…

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