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Machining center is a combined machine for one-sided transverse and longitudinal processing of window and door boards. A combination of a circular saw and a profiling machine. It is connected to the transfer of the workpiece at an angle of 90 °. Different automation packages adapt the system to the technical requirements of the production. It enables fast and efficient processing of elements, improving the speed and quality of production. That is very helpfull in on-time delivery for larger orders.
Machining center is located in Macvanska Mitrovica, 32 B Žarka Vučinića Street (part of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The machine is in excellent condition and can be tested in operation. The transport falls on the client’s account. All machines will be loaded on the client’s vehicle free of charge, after the purchase has been made in our company.

Obradni centar 1304-17

Obradni centar 1304-17

Obradni centar 1304-17. CNC mašina za pravljenje prozora. Koristi se za ugaone konstrukcije, jednostrano presecanje…