Double miter saw 4866-23


Double miter saw 4866-23.
Pneumatically controlled wood cutter.
Brand: OMS, model Invincible OK.
Saw blade diameter: 330 mm.
Pneumatically controlled cut.
Power of each motor: 3 HP, operating speed 3000 rpm.
Working length, dimensions: 2 x 1850 mm.
Usable cutting length: from 350 to 3000 mm.
Cutting capacity @90°: 140 x 88 mm.
Cutting capacity @ 45°; 98 x 88 mm.
Pressure for pneumatic stroke: 6-8 bar.
Weight: about 650 Kg.
Total dimensions: 3200 x 800 x 1200 mm.
Used, imported from Italy.


Double miter saw 4866-23 is located in Macvanska Mitrovica, at Žarka Vučinića Street no. 32B (part of city of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The machine is in good condition and can be tested in operation. Transportation is carried out at the expense of the client, and after purchase in our company, the double crosscutting machine will be loaded free of charge on the client’s vehicle.


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