Grifo 3566-21 sharpener


Grifo 3566-21 sharpener.
Universal tool sharpener.
Brand: Grifo, model U10N.
Table size: 450 x 110 mm.
Maximum tool diameter: 300 mm.
Longitudinal table movement: 320 mm.
Table cross section: 150 mm.
Vertical displacement of the working head: 190 mm.
Maximum grinding stone diameter: 150 mm.
Working spindle speed: 3000-6000 rpm.
Engine power: 0.75 HP.
Rotation of the working head (horizontal, vertical): 360 degrees.
Machine weight: 250 kg.
Used imported from Italy.


Grifo 3566-21 sharpener – The U10N universal sharpening machine is designed for sharpening an almost complete range of woodworking tools. To sharpen various tools, the machine needs equipment with accessories designed for sharpening certain types of tools.


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