PAOLONI brush machine


PAOLONI brush machine.
Brush machine for processing wood and giving a aged-rustic effect to the workpiece.
It is used for fine smoothing, finishing of parquet and other matchboarding products.
One brush, with the possibility of rapid change and several spare cartridges of different brush density, hardness and purpose:
– Steel brush for rustic work.
– Tynex brush for finishing boards with a rustic effect.
– Lamellar brush for the ironing process.
– Scotch-brite sanding brush.
Working height: 8 – 30 mm.
Working width: from 30 to 250 mm.
Total engaged power: 1.47 KWh (2 HP).
Brush rotation speed: from 400 to 1500 rpm.
Minimum workpiece length: 360 mm.
Conveyor speed, adjustable (passage through the machine): from 2 to 13 m/min.
Brand: Paoloni, model Rusticat.
Dimensions of the machine: 1200 x 1300 x 1300 mm.
Weight: 220 Kg.
Used, import from Italy.

PAOLONI brush machine is located in Mačvanska Mitrovica, Žarka Vučinića street 32B (part of the city of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The machine is in excellent condition and can be tested in operation. Transport is at the client’s expense, and this rustica-effect machine will be loaded into the client’s vehicle free of charge, after the purchase in our company. “Apocalypse” LLC has over 2,500 used, refurbished machines in stock. Machines are mostly Italian made, iron cast. We offer complete lines for the production of wooden boxes of the Corali brand. Comprehensive production line for: furniture, pellets, pallets, wooden doors and windows, as well as parquet.

PAOLONI brush machine


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