Thicknesser MB 204F

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Thicknesser MB 204F
Brand MB, Model 204F.
Two-sided thicknesser, with two motors.
Maximum planing width: 400 mm.
Processing thickness: 3 to 16 mm.
Upper engine 4 KW, starts cutter and conveyor.
The 2.2 KW lower engine drives the lower cutter.
Cutters diameter: Ø 75 mm.
Lower cutter: maximum planing 2 mm of workpiece,
Upper cutter: maximum planing up to 4 mm.
Cutters rotating speed 7000-7500 rpm.
Feed speed 8 – 10 m / min.
Machine dimensions: 890 x 495 x 1180 mm.
Weight 375 kg.
Used, imported from Italy.


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