Woodworking Machines


Woodworking machines make up the vast majority of equipment in stock. We have over 2500 cars of all kinds, of which we have presented only a small part of this photo. The range of Apokalipsa d.o.o. Macvanska Mitrovica, st. Žarka Vučinića 32b, offers you a very wide selection of all types and models of well-known foreign companies. It is the largest warehouse of used carpentry equipment in the region and one of the most respected companies in the Balkans selling used carpentry machines. For the first contact, you can contact the marketing company Apokalipsa d.o.o. by phone +381 63 644-870. There you will be provided with the necessary information and directed to selling people, led by the head of this large company.

Woodworking Machines

Woodworking machines, tools, fixtures and fittings for the production and processing of wood, stone, metal, plastic, glass- all in one place. Various production and technological equipment. Several types of those machines form a line of machines, for the production of various products. For example, a line for the production of boxes, the brand Corali. Inside this line there is a veneer peeler, veneer scissors, a splitter, a stapler machines, for connecting the body to the front of the box ( crates ). There are Corali machines type: M20, M22, M51, M65, M66, M67, M108, M109, M125, M127, etc. The machines are mainly made in Italy, iron cast. Apokalipsa Ltd offer complete lines for the production of furniture, pellets, wooden doors, pallets and parquet.


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