Barberan SCM 700

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Barberan SCM 700 – Length Laminating Machine.
The machine is used for cutting and installing PVC foil and consists of
– major unwinding axes,
– two winding axles,
– cutting units and
– electronic control panels.
The basis of the Barberan SCM 700 is a robust steel structure.
Production: Plasmek, model SCM700. (Intergrup, Turkey).
Voltage: 220 V.
Engine power: 2.2 kW, speed 70 rpm, at 50 Hz.
Roll transfer and reel system.
– Mechanical, pneumatic or traction shaft.
Maximum roller diameter for film: 500 mm.
Maximum film width: 700 mm.
Knives type: Disc-shaped.
Number of knives: 7-10 pcs.
Cutting speed: 70 rpm at 50 Hz.
Machine dimensions – 1350 x 1065 x 1060 mm.
Weight – 600 kg.
Year: 2002.
Used, but preserved as new.


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