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Presses for bearings, veneer presses, hydraulic, pneumatic, eccentric presses, star presses, frame presses. Drilling presses, leather presses, paper presses and more …

Presses Frame press 3723-21

Frame press 3723-21

Frame press 3723-21. Brand: Marzani Macchine, model Strettoio REGO 92 CE. Hydraulic press for clamping…

Presses Frame Press MAWEG

Frame Press MAWEG

Frame press MAWEG. Hydraulic press for wood, for the production of frames, windows, doors ……

Other HF generator 3641-21

HF generator 3641-21

HF generator 3641-21, for wood bending press machine. Brand: DETEL KLI Logatec. Power consumption: 30…

Presses Veneer press 3614-21

Veneer press 3614-21

Veneer press 3614-21. Brand: SIMI, Italy. Hydraulic press for plywood. Possibility of burners. Slab dimensions:…

Presses Veneer press Leopida

Veneer press Leopida

Veneer press Leopida. Multi-storey press, with three floors. Hydraulic, with hot plates. Worktop: 2300 x…

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