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Sawmill machines – Machine tools for sawmills in the woodworking industry. The most common are sawmills, gang saws, band saws, circular saws and others. We import them from Italy. These are mainly cast steel machines, massive and sturdy. Our craftsmen repair and service them so that they are completely ready for use and work. Sawmills and flow machines used for mechanical processing of wood (sawing, planing, etc.), using a cutting tool or pressure. On woodworking machines, lumber, blanks and semi-finished products are obtained from wood raw materials (beams, logs, bars, boards, shavings, veneer, etc.). Details of products and structures (for furniture, wagons, ships, etc.). Sawmill Machines are also important in production finished products in the form of one piece, parquet flooring, overlapping parts for buildings, containers, skis, parts of musical instruments, stationery, etc.

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