Multirip Saw Gabbiani

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Multirip Saw Gabbiani.
Brand: Fratelli Gabbiani, model PSCMMA.
Maximum cutting depth: 100 mm.
Minimum cutting length: 420 mm.
Maximum saw blade diameter: 300 mm.
Minimum saw blade diameter: 250 mm.
Useful shaft length: 300 mm.
Shaft diameter for saw blades: 70 mm.
Shaft rotation speed: 4000 rpm.
Engine power: 23.2 KW (31.8 hp), speed 2910 rpm.
Feed speed: 5 to 35 m / min.
Conveyor belt: 300 mm.
Dimensions of rollers for side table: 500 mm x 1500 mm x 2.
Used, repaired, imported from Italy.


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