Bottom assembly machine M127


Bottom assembly machine M127.
Automatic stitching machine for assembling bottoms to crate sides and crate ends.
Length of the machine: 3700 mm.
The width of the machine: 4300 mm.
Hight of the machine: 1500 mm.
Weight: 1800 kg.
Used equipment, restored, imported from Italy.


Bottom assembly machine M127 is for making euro-box drawers and crates.
Minimum/Maximum length of the boxes: from 300 to 600 mm.
Width of boxes 280 to 400 mm.
The height of the boxes is 70 to 300 mm.
The distance between the fasteners 60 to 250 mm.
The diameter of the clips 1.2 mm.
Brand: Corali, model M127.

Bottom assembly machine M127

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