CNC Machining Center 3943-21

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CNC Machining Center 3943-21.
Machine for making windows profiles.
Brand: SCM, model METHOD.
Minimum machining length: 200 mm.
Maximum machining length: 2800 mm.
Min. processing height: 25 mm.
Maximum machining height: 165 mm.
Cutting motor power: 5.5 hp.
Tool speed: 3000 rpm.
Milling motor power: 10 or 15 hp.
Milling speed: 3500 rpm.
Standard length of milling shaft: 500 mm.
Optional milling shaft length: 620 mm.
Profiling and calibration motor power: 7.5hp – 10hp – 15hp.
Profiling and calibration tool speed: 6000 rpm.
Standard shaft length for profiling and calibration: 270 to 320 mm.
Optional shaft length for profiling and calibration: from 500 to 620 mm.
CNC Machining Center 3943-21 has engine for exhaust chips: 3 hp.
Machining conveyor speed (slow / fast): 4 – 16 m / min.
Adjustable conveyor chain speed: 2.5 to 12 m / min.
Used, imported from Italy.


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