Dust collector Ferrari

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Dust collector Ferrari.
Direct centrifugal dedusting fan.
Features :
– Volume flow = 0.10 ÷ 67 m³/s.
– Engine power: 5.5 KW.
– Suction diameter = 300 mm (possible from 225 to 1400 mm).
– Exhaust profile = 250 x 350 mm
– Air characteristics = dust, chips, smoke …..


Dust collector Ferrari – Description: Fans for transport of dust and solid materials mixed with air, for pneumatic transport, for drying systems, suction systems, for forced draft (chimneys), for transport of sawdust and short wood chips with the exception of filamentary materials. This series of rotors with reverse blades is characterized by high efficiency. It can be used to transport materials mixed with air with an efficiency of up to 83%. This series of fans can operate with a free output without absorbing power that exceeds the motor power. Operating temperature: from -20°C to + 150°C. Used, imported from Italy.


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