Edgebanding machine 4904-23


Edgebanding machine 4904-23.
Brand: Vitap, model Quartz.
Edgebanding thickness: 0.4 – 1.5 mm, PVC max 1.2 mm.
Panel thickness: 11 – 35 mm.
Workpiece rollers feed.
Feedrate: max 4 mt / min.
Glue system hot air; pre-glued edgebanding.
Equipped with electronally controlled temperature setting for Leister hot air blower: 3 KW for 1 minute heat-up time.
Circular knife for flush milling.
End cutter-guillotine, front and rear end trim knife.
Support extensible.
Machine length: 1710 mm.
Weight: 200 kg.
Year of release: 2000.
Used, repaired, imported from Italy.


Edgebanding machine 4904-23 is located in Macvanska Mitrovica, at Žarka Vučinića Street no. 32B (part of city of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The machine is in good condition and can be tested in operation. Transportation is carried out at the expense of the client, and after purchase in our company, the edgebander will be loaded free of charge on the client’s transport vehicle. Apokalipsa d.o.o. has over 2,500 used, repaired machines in stock. You can see and test all machines in work, at the company halls. The machines are mostly Italian-made, cast. We offer complete lines for the production of wooden crates of the Corali brand. Complete line for the production of: furniture, pellets, pallets, wooden doors, as well as parquet.


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