Edgebanding machine CGA

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Edgebanding machine CGA 532K can be settled according to custom needs and are able to work with high precision and finish any type of edge without compromising the ease and speed of use and setup.
Edgebanding Machine CGA and edgesanding machines for special processes have been designed for the particular ability to adapt to a variety of processes, from banding panel with height 100 mm or special edges to be subsequently processed to create a contoured effect.
Edgebanding industrial modular high performance and excellent quality results.

The conveyor motor with two positions:
power 2,6 kW, 1440 rpm, 6,8 A.
power 1.8 KW, 950 rpm, 5.1 A.
Full load current 52 A.
Weight 4300 kg.
Produced 2006.


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