Extractor ARIATECH 4692-22


Extractor ARIATECH 4692-22.
Dust collector for sawdust, dust and other loose waste.
Brand: ARIATECH, model ATC-2.

Useful information about the extractor:

* Fan motor power: 5,5 HP, speed 2870 rpm.
* capacity 4900 m3/h.
* 2 bags of sawdust with a diameter of 600 mm.
* 10 filter bags Ø 200, L 2000.
* sawdust inlet diameter 200 mm.
* overall dimensions 2150 x 2480 x 720 cm (height x length x depth).
* year of manufacture: 2022.
* weight: 110 kg.
* noise level: 78 dB(A).
* Brand new extractor imported from EU.


Extractor ARIATECH 4692-22, ATC series is made entirely of galvanized sheet steel connected with screws.
The filter consists of a chamber with filter bags and a part that collects dust with replaceable bags.
Initial airflow velocity: 34 m/s.
Application: removal and filtration of fine, medium or coarse dust/sawdust.
Work: polluted air is removed by a fan, passes through a filter cloth that separates dust.
Dust collection: dust is collected in bags.
Construction: The frame of the filter is of robust construction made of galvanized sheet.


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