Four sided planer Futura

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Four sided planer Futura, model Rotomat 180.
Maximum timber section: 180×120 mm.
Minimum timber section : 20×6 mm.
Input table length: 2000 mm.
Spindle: Ø 40 mm.
Cutter blocks diameter : Ø 125 mm.
Maximum Ø of left and right heads: Ø 160 mm.
Rotation speed: 6000 rpm.
Variable feed speed: 8+ meters per minute, feed rollers Ø 130 mm.
Vertical adjustment of cutters: 15 mm.
Four sided planer Futura motors power:
Feed: 1,5 HP.
Facing R cutter: 4 HP.
Thicknesser (left cutter): 5,5 HP.
Beam rise: 0,5 HP.
Used, imported from Italy.


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