Four sideded Firmy

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Four sideded Firmy is suitable to process flooring, profile, window, cabinet etc. products. The bases of model FMM520 are precessed by big CNC machine to assure the high precision. The width of working table is 250mm and working thickness is 120mm. The wider machine base is good to keep good stability and working precision. All the electric components are adopted international brands to assure stable and excellence performance.

Four sided Firmy

II. Specification:
1. Working Size (mm):
Min/Max Width: 20 – 200 mm. 
Thickness: 8-120 mm.
2. Tool size:
ID of tools: dia 40 mm.
OD of 1# bottom spindle: dia 110-145 mm. 
Other spindles: dia 110 – 180 mm. 
4. Dust outlet diameter: dia 130 mm.
5. Length of working table: 2130 mm.
6. Weight: cca 3.5 t.
7. Size(mm): 3890*1730*1750.
8. Feeding motor power: 3kw.
1# Bottom spindles: 4kw.
L&R spindles: 4kw (seperately).
1# Top spindles: 5.5kw.
2# Bottom spindes: 5.5kw.
Total motor power: 28 kw.

Four sided Firmy

1. Groups of bottom rollers to assure feeding smoothly. The first bottom feeding rollers is moved up-down with the working table.
2. Adopted upturning short pieces device.
3. High speed spindle is made by alloy steel and assembled SKF bearings inside.
4. Centralized lubrication system. Slide parts and working table are lubricated by two manual oil pumps separately.

1. Y-delta start for each spindle.
2. Inverter for feeding, speed is 6-30m/min.
3. Short piece device for 150 mm length processing.
4. Electric oil pump to lubricate.
5. Four sideded Firmy is harmonized with CE norms.
Used, imported from Italy.


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