Glueing machine PIZZI 5056-23


Glueing machine PIZZI 5056-23.
Model: 9037.
Depth of glued protrusions: 3-10 cm.

Semi-automatic, with 2 heads with a gluing tray, without the need for an electrical connection, because designed to operate pneumatically. Designed for professional, craft and industrial applications for bonding special profiles and joints such as kitchen cabinet doors, dovetails, dowels, etc. Use any type of vinyl adhesive with a viscosity of 9000 to 15000 mPa at 20° C (for PVA adhesives).
Application speed, adhesive quantity measurement and length adjustment: maximum 100 mm.
Year of manufacture 2002.
Machine dimensions: 1300 x 500 x 1150 (height).
Weight: 120 kg.
Used, made in Italy.

Glueing machine PIZZI 5056-23

Glueing machine PIZZI 5056-23 is located in Macvanska Mitrovica, Žarka Vucinića street . 32B (part of the city of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The machine is in excellent condition and can be tested in operation. Transport is carried out at the client’s expense, the dowel gluing machine for doors and windows will be loaded into the client’s vehicle free of charge after purchase from our company. Apocalypse d.o.o. has over 2,500 used, refurbished machines in stock. You can see and test all the machines in the company’s halls. The cars are mostly Italian made, cast. We offer complete lines for the production of wooden boxes of the Corali brand. Comprehensive production line for: furniture, pellets, pallets, wooden doors and windows, as well as parquet.

Glueing machine PIZZI 5056-23 – 2-head tenon gluing machine

PIZZI machines are made of steel, painted with non-toxic epoxy powder and equipped with a single glue dispenser. They are also designed to work with a wide range of custom-made attachments to suit any adhesive application needs.
When the machine is not in use, i.e. During breaks, lunch, etc., you can immerse the nozzles in water tanks equipped with a hinge, heads down, to avoid the risk of the nozzles drying out.

Only for automatic machines, the triple adjustment system prevents glue build-up and guarantees perfect application:-
Application speed, adhesive amount measurement and maximum length adjustment of 100mm.

Working time is reduced compared to conventional adhesive systems. Precise application of the adhesive to all surfaces ensures a stronger connection.


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