Stapler for frames 1678


Stapler for frames 1678.
Pneumatic stapler for connecting wooden frames.
Brand: A.Motta, model AUT 82.
Minimum width: 4 mm (1/8″).
Maximum width: 120 mm (4′ 3/4″).
Minimum thickness: 5 mm (1/8″).
Maximum workpiece thickness: 90 mm (3′ 1/2″).
Production speed: 200-300 complete frames per hour.
Compressed air required: 6 Bar.
Machine weight: 125 kg.
Stapler dimensions:
– width 600 mm.
– length 700 mm.
– height 1200 mm.
Used , serviced, imported from Italy.


Stapler for frames 1678, located in Macvanska Mitrovica, Žarka Vucinica street 32B, (part of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The machine is in perfect condition and can be tested out. The transportation is at the expense of the client and the stapler will be loaded into the client’s vehicle at our company free of charge.


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