Weinig four-sided wood planer

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Weinig four-sided wood planer.
Weinig Brand, model PFA 22/5.
Working width: 220 mm.
Processing height: up to 120 mm.
Number of spindles: 8 (bottom 4 KW, right 3 KW, left and right 7.5 KW, up 5.5 KW, bottom and right spindles 4 KW and universal spindle 4 KW).
Spindle diameter: 40 mm.
Spindle rotation speed: max 6000 rpm.
Work table length: 2500 mm.
Feedrate: max. 36 m / min.
Feeder motor power: 4 KW.
Machine weight: 4200 kg.
Used, repaired, imported from Italy.


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