Door lock mortiser 3453-21


Door lock mortiser 3453-21.
Transverse stroke of the working head: 80 mm.
Longitudinal stroke: 200 mm.
Engine power: 2.5 HP (1.8 kW), speed rpm.
3 drills for vertical drill + two drills for keyhole.
Brand: Cipsy, Automatic model.
Dimensions (L*W*H): 1.300 x 1.150 x 2.000 mm.
Weight: about 390 kg.
Used, brought from Italy.

Door lock mortiser 3453-21 is located in Mačvanska Mitrovica, st. Zharka Vucinic 32B (part of the city of Sremska Mitrovica), Serbia. The thermogen is in good condition and can be tested in operation. Transportation of the machine is at the customer’s expense, and after purchasing from our company, the door lock machine will be loaded onto the customer’s car for free. “Apocalypse” Ltd has over 2,500 used, refurbished machines in stock. Machines are mostly Italian made, iron cast. We offer complete lines for the production of wooden boxes of the Corali brand. Comprehensive production line for: furniture, pellets, pallets, wooden doors and windows, as well as parquet.

Пазово-долбежный станок 3453-21


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